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An imperative aspect of SEO is building your website easy for both users and search engine robots or spiders or Google bot to understand. Although search engines have turn out to be increasingly sophisticated, they still can't see and understand a web page the same way a human can. SEO helps the search engines to figure out what each page is about, what message it contains and how it may be useful for users while searching for information on search engines.


A frequent Argument against SEO which we frequently hear statements like this:


"I have created my website using latest updated technologies so now I don’t any kind of optimization to appear in top results of search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.”


“No smart developer would ever build a search engine that requires websites to follow certain rules or principles in order to be ranked or indexed.”


“From many of my clients I also come across statements such as Google will bring my website on top rankings and I don’t need some company to do it for me when it is done freely by search engines”


“Anyone with half a brain would want a system that can crawl through any architecture, parse any amount of complex or imperfect code, and still find a way to return the most relevant results, not the ones that have been 'optimized' by unlicensed search marketing experts."


But Hold On...


SEO is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms in the world of marketing. You heard me right, I said “marketing”. While SEO has been highlighted as some sort of black-magic top secret that requires an online classified membership to become skilled at the ways of, at its core, it is a marketing method.


SEO’s unmerited characterization as a kind of alchemy over the past decade has caused many otherwise know-how business people to diminish its importance as part of a good, solid and most cost effective marketing plan for small, mid-sized, large and startup businesses.


Visualize you posted online a picture of your favorite pet. A human might describe it as "a cute, small-sized dog, looks like a Pug, walking with you." On the other hand, the best search engine in the world would put great effort to recognize the photo at anywhere near that level of complexity. How do you make a search engine like Google understand an image? Luckily, SEO allows webmasters to provide hints that the engines can use to understand content. In fact, adding proper structure to your content is essential to SEO Process.


Understanding both the abilities and limitations of search engines allows you to accurately build, format, and explain your web content in a way that search engines can absorb. Without SEO, a website can be invisible to search engines and its users.


We being Expert SEO Company from USA find this awfully unfortunate, because SEO is a very feasible marketing channel that can, in performance with efficient landing pages and content, bring your business most qualified leads and customers.


Moreover, studies have shown that SEO can have a better ROI than traditional forms of marketing like TV and print ads. It isn’t magic, and one more thing to keep in mind that SEO alone is not going to convert your business from a shop in your backyard to a Fortune 500 company. But neither is any other single form of advertising can do that. What it can do is provide a business visibility, branding, traffic, a high ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behavior at the highest level of customer engagement. Let’s discuss each of these in turn.


SEO is Excellent for Your Business Visibility and Branding at Minimum Cost


When people search for your products and services on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., you evidently want to come into sight as high in the search engine rankings as possible with your website, but the motives for this are more than just because you want them to click through to your website. In fact, there is an assured amount of value in simply appearing in search results for terms directly associated to your business.


For example, most searchers don’t just simply search once, click on several websites, and be done with it. Instead, they search, click on some websites, edit their keyword search terms, search again, click on some more websites, further sharpen up their search terms, search again, and so on till they reach to their desire satisfactory results from particular website. Now if you have that website where your prospective customer come across after refining his results than you know you have pretty good chances of converting that visitors to your lead.


So what does this indicate for your business? It means that if you can persistently show in all these search results that you are gaining more and more mindshare with each potential customer or at this time we say searchers. Chances are very good that they will sooner or later click through to your website, and since you persistently displayed in all their search results filters, they will trust you that much more as an authorities website, which brings us to the next reason why SEO is important for your business.


Good SEO Provides Your Business Website Unmatched Credibility in Eyes of Your Prospective Customers


Searchers make intellectual notes of the rankings for the keyword terms they enter into Google and other major search engines. They may not recognize it, but they definitely do. And in the minds of consumers, your ranking is an up vote of confidence — “Google says this business is appropriate, so that must be the case.” This may sound a bit far-fetched, but let’s look at it like this:


Back in the golden age of the yellow pages, if you were looking for an electrician, did you feel more confident in calling the guy on the fifth page of the listings, or did you, like most people, start from the first page and work your way through? Your customers may not admit it, but high search rankings make you more credible in their eyes compare to business falls down to later search engine results.


SEO Brings Your Business More Traffic with Lesser Dollar Spend


Yes you heard me, by itself, traffic is not going to make you any money. But would you relatively set up your storefront on a backstreet in Covington, Bronx or right in the middle of Times Square New York? All those people walking around in Times Square day and night by themselves aren’t going to make you any money, but chances are that reasonably a few of them will sooner or later become your customers. Just like Times Square, you still have to make your best effort to sell to your customers once they are on your website, but it’s superior to do business on a crowded street corner than it is to set up shop on a deserted island. What’s better is that SEO is usually a good deal more affordable than store leases in Times Square.


SEO Has One of the Best ROI’s in Marketing Advertising


SEO rewards your business for its hard work at a higher rate than pretty much all traditional forms of offline advertising like TV, Radio, Print Media — the same can be said for almost all types of internet marketing as well.


The reason for this is because Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an inbound marketing strategy; that is, it allows you to market to people when they are looking for the products and services your business provides. You don’t have to disrupt their favorite TV show; you don’t have to take up space on a page where they are reading a favorite article. You are only showing up when they are looking for businesses like yours. So for that reason you don’t have to convince them they need your product or service; you just have to convince them that you are the right business to purchase from compare to your competitors. In other words, with SEO, half the battle is won before it even starts. IBIS Technologies effective SEO service will give you an extra yard start in the race of acquiring customer through online marketing.


SEO Gives You Unmatched Insight Into Your Customers


As we already stated, SEO creates precious traffic to your website. Google Analytics helps you track this traffic with some easy code installation in your website. Google Analytics is an amazing free tool. As Rajvi, our Founder and CEO always say: “it generates more data and metrics than you can shiver a stick at.” The data and metrics are valuable because they give you insight into your customers: how they search for your business or product offerings, how they browse through your categories, the language they use while searching for your business, the technology they use while accessing your website, the region they live in, the days they are most active on your website, the times of day they are most active, you name it and Google Analytics provide it to you instantly. This is exceptionally valuable because it can help you make more informed decisions regarding your business and its strategies, both online and offline.


Ready To Hire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service from IBIS Technologies, Atlanta


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