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How Do We Approach Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated and constant activity that involves an extremely experienced search engine expert marketer to drive strategy and accomplish. We will help you improve your distinctive SEO Strategy and recurrently train you on SEO ethics so that it converts a natural part of your content/site development process.


Step 1 Competitive Analysis


If we are going to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website, we want to know who is already out there on the Internet. We can glance at your competitors and see which keywords they are ranking for on the search engines and which keywords they are not. This provides us an idea on which keywords we are going to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you, as well as other keywords that the competitors may have missed.


These are some of the things being Best SEO Company IBIS Technologies do analysis on your competitors:


  • Back links
  • Content analysis
  • Page rank
  • Keyword rankings
  • Online brand presence
  • Social Web presence
  • Traffic analysis
  • Unique visitors
  • Visitor demographic break down analysis
  • Website architecture analysis
  • Website domain analysis (ie. age, cache history…etc)


This report is helpful in designing a roadmap for your organic SEO website strategy. Each client has their exclusive product or target market, so every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign is distinctive for each of our clients.


Step 2 Analyze Your Website


Utmost websites are not up to the state-of-the-art requirements from the foremost search engines. We need to analyze your website to understand if it is taking benefit of all the approaches the search engines like to see your website stand by. One of the serious things we look for is if your website has an XML sitemap for your website.


This Sitemap plays a critical role in instructing the search engines like Google on which pages to index and how frequently to check back for updates on your website. We can submit your Sitemap to Google and other engines for you. Just doing this regularly one thing will help you with your On Page SEO visibility.


Other things like, meta-tags, image alt tags, robot.txt file etc. will also be examined and we will make our commendations for your website to improve its On Page SEO visibility. This analysis part, along with the competitive analysis takes 2 weeks from the date of agreement to begin your SEO efforts with our company.


Step 3 Keyword Research


The keyword analysis classifies the search terms that will convey the most authorized visitors to your site. This keyword research permits you to see what your online market is really looking for and how repeatedly the keyword is used. The other part of the examination estimates the competition for each keyword and suggestions are made based on this data.


Electing or picking keywords are always challenging because there are many prospects but only a few that can be successfully targeted at one time. So consider these things when making a selection.


  • Do not select brand name keywords unless your website is affiliated with the brand name
  • Consider the reputation of the keyword phrase
  • Consider the intent of the searcher
  • Realize that most people who are searching are really re-searching
  • Some know accurately what they want


If you find a keyword that has clear focused and decent popularity, then you may have found a great search term to pursue.


Keyword phrase research comprises categorizing a group of keyword phrases that will be used in search engine optimization. This step is acute and requires a substantial amount of time to find a good set of keyword phrases that offer a composed combination of two important factors: high usage by searchers and fairly low competition within the search engines.


Controlling the most used keyword phrase that comprises your targeted keyword(s) is relatively easy. Online tools allow you to propose a particular keyword or words and will return all the ways in which that word(s) was used by searchers in the last month and in what volume. However, the most used keyword phrase(s) is also likely the one with the greatest competition within the search results and may, therefore, not be where you would want to devote your optimization efforts. A more successful approach is to find a set of keyword phrases (10 is a nice round number) that are heavily used by searchers but somewhat less competitive in terms of the total number of search results.


Step 4 SEO Strategy Developments


One of the most prevalent questions we get from our clients is, “How long till I see results?” A complicated question to answer, because it is subjective in that, it differs on the client’s business, product and geographical location. Thus SEO efforts for smaller businesses in a less competitive market will see results quicker than a large corporation in a highly competitive market.


Again, the typical rules are, if we do something for your website that is Off Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO), results from search engines like Google may take 3 to 4 weeks to show up on the search engine results. Anyone who guarantees results in days for SEO we advise to avoid such businesses because their results for you will be short-lived. There are no shortcuts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process and we do not practice black-hat methods that would get a client banned from Google Penalties or any other search engines.


  • Aimed keyword analysis to develop a list of keywords which will be intensive on within the campaign based on popularity of search, competition and relevancy to website
  • Review specific changes that are needed to the website itself in regards to the structure or architecture. (Site map, URLs, site hierarchy, title tags, meta/h1 tags, header tags etc.)
  • Establish the overall need for additional content on the website and how detailed and involved this content will need to be
  • Build a detailed link building strategy focusing on varied link sources such as guest blog posts, competitive link analysis, broken link opportunities, relationship outreach, wiki posts and additional sources
  • Development of the Action Plan to begin the campaign


Step 5 Website Structural Optimization


There are many fundamental factors to your site that might affect your positions on the Search Engines Results pages (SERPs).  We will look at optimizing your navigation and directory structure so that you get the maximum benefit when the spiders come to your site.


Structural optimization of your site guarantees that Users and the automated agents that crawl the web (spiders) are able to find your important content quickly, thus granting your pages more authority.  Ensuring that URLs are properly named, and that an effective directory structure is implemented is extremely important for the success of your website.


Optimization technique involves locating the selected keyword search terms correctly to increase the ranking of your website on the major search engines. Our experts organize the design and navigation of your site so that the major keyword themes stand out - to both web visitors and search engines. We make sure, for example, that each page has its own unique page title, Meta description, Meta keywords, header tags, Alt tags and anchor text.


Black hat techniques, keyword stuffing and spamming the search engines may work for a short period of time, but the best long-term strategy is to work together with the search engine. Keep in mind that search engines are more concerned about their users than about ranking your site. So don't be naive: optimize your site until the search engines smile upon it, delivering targeted traffic to your site month after month


Step 6 Code Optimization


The skills used to design your website and present your website can help or hurt your On Site SEO.


>> Page Optimization

Following the addition of new, high quality content, we tackle on-page optimization.  See our piece on Page Optimization Basics for more information on this topic.


>> Page Titles

Make sure that your site’s page titles say something other than just your company name or “welcome.” Ideally, they need to lead off with your targeted phrase for that page and then follow with your company name.


>> Text-Based Navigation 

Search engines cannot read images. If your site’s navigation system is done with images (lots are), you will need a text-based navigation system that the search engines can follow to guarantee that all the important service and product-related sub-pages of your site are indexed by the search engines.


>> Prominence of Targeted Keyword Phrases 

It is not enough to have your keyword phrase(s) somewhere on the web page, the placement and prominence given to them also affects your search engine placement. For example, leading off the site’s first paragraph with your keyword phrase gives it more weight than burying it half way down the page in the middle of a paragraph. Also, using larger font sizes and bolding the text can emphasize its importance and positively affect the page’s ranking for that phrase.


>> Site Map 

Developing a site map that includes a well-organized list of links to all the important pages of your site and includes a text link to the site map on your home page is the ideal way to make sure that all the site’s pages are indexed by the search engines when they visit the subject site.  Google’s Webmaster Tools is ideal for this purpose.


>> ALT Tags

These are tags not seen by the site’s users; they are embedded in the site’s code. ALT tags refer to the text that describes an image — words that you see pop up as you mouse over some images. In optimizing your company’s name, an ALT tag placed behind the image of your company’s logo is ideal.


>> META data

Meta tags are lines of code included in the uppermost section of your site’s code. They communicate the page’s subject matter and relevancy to the search engines. Further, the short description of your site included in some search results is pulled from the meta description tag of the home page and should, therefore, be used to the site’s advantage.


>> Clean up the Code 

Navigation rollover scripts, other JavaScript-based code, and all CSS scripts should be taken out of the code of each page and put into external files to which each page of the site is referenced. Doing this has several advantages, but one of the most compelling is that your site’s keywords and content all move up, up, up in the code, communicating their importance to the search engines and boosting your site’s relevancy ratings.


In other words, this can boost your search engine rankings by improving the code to text ratio of the page. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive thing to do, depending on the total number of pages in your site.


Step 7 Content Development


It used to be that, if you could compose reasonably well, you could write anything from memos to reports to thank-you notes. But when it comes to aimed communication with an audience that you want to influence - relaying your marketing message to your customers and prospects - we've learned that few people retain the skills to do this efficiently and effectively.


Atlanta, USA based Best SEO Company - IBIS Technologies Successful copywriting for a website involves:


  • Understanding your audience and its demographics (age, gender, role, etc.)
  • Writing well and concisely, since most people will spend only a minute on your site
  • Editing viciously, because of time and space constraints, and deleting the "fuzz"
  • Capture Commerce works with professional copywriters who can take your site to the next level.


IBIS Technologies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriters know how to:


  • Incorporate your keywords into the text of your site - to gain and maintain top rankings
  • Effectively tell your story to your target audience/s
  • Polish the grammar and spelling errors on your site that could be costing you sales
  • SEO Content Writing - Create High-Quality, Link-Worthy Content


Here's the firm reality about Search Engine Optimization:


For every keyword phrase you want to gain high organic rank, you must be arranged to create the kind of content for your website that will set you apart from the other sites also targeting that keyword, and make your site authoritative on these subjects. There is an enormous amount of competition for desired search terms, and your site will not have a chance to outrank competitors unless you are committed to out-doing them. The way you approach authoritative content will make all the difference in your organic rankings in various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Atlanta, USA based Best SEO Company’s talented and highly skilled copywriters can walk you through this process, using your answers to craft marketing messages tailored to your top keywords that resonate with your online audience/s. This informed approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) puts you in your prospects' shoes by asking:


  • Why would someone use this search term (rather than a different one)?
  • How can we address the real intent of this person on our website?
  • Which media communicates best with this individual: video, articles, music, images, interactive tools or a combination?
  • What's the best way to encourage this individual to learn more about us and discover that we are a credible organization in the process?
  • How can we organize the content of our site so that users and search engines can quickly find (within one click) what they are looking for - even if it doesn't match our brand name initiatives perfectly?


Step 8 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Maintenance


How do you know if your search engine optimization vendor is providing star-studded service?


Only two things impact search engine rankings: Algorithms and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Competitive keywords supervise to produce different search results daily - and it's frequently not because the algorithm has changed. What keeps your site ranking well for the long term (after you gain top rankings) is effective Search Engine Optimization Maintenance service from leading Atlanta, USA based SEO Company IBIS Technologies.


Accurate SEO Maintenance Means Doing the Work To Keep Your Site In The Top Rankings:


  • Ongoing ranking reports
  • New keyword opportunities
  • Site adjustments
  • Link-building
  • And other services


The problem with SEO maintenance is that it’s not the fun stuff and it’s not spicy – but it is vibrant to keeping your site in front of your prospects all the time. If your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vendor isn't doing these things, then you're probably not getting the results you should be. To make your SEO well maintain and visible to all your prospects all the time you can hire #1 Atlanta, USA based SEO Company IBIS Technologies today.


Step 9 Social Media & Link Building


Social Media

In marketing, you search where the angle is.  And, the scout is using social media in increasing numbers now a day.  The authority of online sharing through social media provides awesome opportunities for companies willing to promise the time to using it.  During this phase of the process, we help clients establish a social media presence in Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+ and also consult with the client on how best to use those social media profiles to share site content and connect with existing customers and potential customers.


Building In-Bound Links

Every new, quality link to your web increases the prospect of both the search engines’ spiders running across your site as well as searchers looking for services or products like yours on search engines. Google views links to your site (as long as they are links from high quality sites) as votes for your site and rewards the site accordingly.  You can check your link popularity with a variety of free online tools.


In addition, Google’s Webmaster Tools provides information concerning the inbound links to your site. A word of attention: free for all links sites and other low quality sites of that nature are of no use and, in fact, diminish from your progress with Google penalties from the search engines. This became even more important with Google’s release of the Penguin algorithm update.  We consult with our clients on ways to build their online reach and influence with new, high-quality inbound links.


Step 10 Follow Up Reporting and Analysis


The identical reporting done in the initial phase of the campaign is done again at regular intervals, post-optimization. Rankings, site traffic levels, social signals and other key metrics can then be compared to pre-optimization levels, giving measurable results to the SEO campaign.  The specific metrics used in an SEO plan will depend on the goals of that site.




Time Frame

It can take a while for the search engines to index a site and the rankings to change for that site. For some search engines, the lag time between the work and seeing results can be as long as six months. Clients need to be patient and have realistic anticipations regarding the time frame involved with organic (the natural, non-paid results) search engine rankings.


If the business need for increased search engine prominence is greater than can be met with optimization alone, I recommend adding a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to the marketing mix to bridge the time. PPC campaigns such as Google’s AdWords can be set up in a matter of days, allowing for immediate results.


Rankings Guarantees

We cannot guarantee any specific rankings for specific keyword phrases.  There is no way to guarantee a particular placement within the organic search results of any search engine. IBIS Technologies a leading SEO company from Atlanta, USA optimizes a website so that it is as appealing as possible to the search engines, using only white hat tactics.  Specifically, IBIS Technologies’ recommendations would ensure that the site is easily spiderable, loaded with keyword-rich content, enjoys quality inbound links, provides a great user experience, and is analyzed and refined based on its performance against our stated goals.  These are methods that have proven over time to be effective SEO tactics for our clients.


Be very cautious about any SEO company that promises specific rankings.


Content Development

The SEO work we execute includes minor non-substantive changes to the site’s existing content/text, stressing the targeted keyword phrases. We make suggestions on new content; the writing of any new substantive content is the responsibility of the client. We are happy to connect you with great copywriters if writing the new content is not easily done within your organization.  We then take your words and make our non-substantive changes to it, in order to maximize its effectiveness. If you do not want us to make these minor changes to the site’s text, please let us know.


Ready To Hire Search Engine Optimization Process from IBIS Technologies, Atlanta


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