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At IBIS Technologies – Atlanta, USA based Best SEO Company, we write examined, search engine optimized content for our clients' websites. It's well known as content marketing. Well written content engrosses with searchers and helps build connections. Building relationships growths business. Need help with your content marketing? Let’s talk over Cup of Coffee.


  • We create researched, targeted, unique content for our clients’ websites
  • We help you to propagate your website into a great on line resource
  • We'll use great distinctive content to increase your sales
  • Writing for the web comprises both writing concise and engaging copy and making sure the copy uses words and phrases that will generate traffic for your site via the popular search engines.


Our tactic involves mixture of your unique content to the entire minimum and blending this with words and phrases that our research has shown people use when searching for your products and services.


Website SEO copy writing is mixtures of both copy writing skills and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. SEO allows us to explore your business and discover the words and keyword phrases people type in to search engines such as Google. We look for phrases people use that other websites don't have in their copy. So by following this practices you gain advantage over your competition and also get top rank for that particular keyword phrases.


SEO copywriting is one of the services that Atlanta, USA based SEO Company IBIS Technologies offers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting is also known as the king of all Internet Marketing services and doing this accurately is a must for all websites to appear on Top ranking of various major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Before we tell you how we make things work through this service, let us first give you some information about SEO copywriting.


What Is Copywriting?


Many individuals are confused by the term ‘copywriting’.  So before we explain about our SEO copywriting services, let’s start with the copywriting first.


Copywriting is the name given to business writing, in particular any ‘copy’ which is used in marketing.  This contains the words on a website, in a product brochure or in an advert, for example.  The ‘copy’ is the words.  Copy is sometime known, particularly on a website, as ‘content’.


Copywriters are highly skilled professionals who write ‘copy’.  They not only have to be excellent writers, a good copywriter also must have marketing knowledge and a deep understanding of the psychology behind buyer behavior or more precisely say searchers behavior.


What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting?


While copywriting is a skilled job, SEO writing is an art.  The SEO copywriter must write influential marketing copy to motivate your potential customer to buy from you.  At the same time, they must write to help the search engines index your website.


At IBIS Technologies – Atlanta, USA based Best SEO Copywriting Company, we possess experienced specialist copywriting team.  Our SEO copywriters are both highly skilled and experienced in working across a range of industry sectors.  And, like all our other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, our website copywriting is delivered with honesty and integrity.


Before we hire our SEO copywriters, we make sure they have the right skills, a supported track record, and an in-depth understanding of the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes.  This means you can be confident our SEO copywriters have the skills, not just to help improve your search engine optimization, but also to boost your conversion rate and increase your sales through online marketing channel.


SEO copywriting is a complex subject and we’re here to offer advice.  So, if you need any help or information about website copywriting, get in touch with IBIS Technologies – Atlanta based SEO Company.  You can send us your enquiries right now or phone on (770) 272-IBIS. 


SEO Copywriting and Keywords


SEO copywriting is a combination of convincing copy and specific keywords. These keywords must be used in the right way and in the right places on your website page.  They must be used enough to optimize the site for that particular keyword phrase, but not so often that they make the copy uncomfortable to read.


Keywords are not just for search engines though.  Visitors to your website will scan your copy looking for specific keywords too.  This helps them see at a glance if you provide the products or services they are looking for.  By using keywords in the headings, for example, you can help your website visitors and the search engines.


The SEO Copywriter’s Audience


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting must take two very altered audiences into account:


>> The human visitor – your prospective customer

>> The search engines – which index your website


When it comes to website copywriting, it is the human audience which is the most important.  Search engine robots, no matter how sophisticated, will not buy your products or services!


The copy on your website must be written for people first and search engines second.  Good SEO copywriting is easy to read and uses keywords modestly.  It also motivates the customer to act: to buy your products and services.  Finally, it must also help the search engines to understand and rank your website.


Sadly, poor examples of SEO copywriting are all too much usual. They are a worthless jumble of keywords and phrases, written solely for the search engines.  This type of website copywriting will lose you sales instead of gaining them.  Using IBIS Technologies’ professional SEO copywriting service will make sure your website copy is expertly written, making it effective easy reading which delivers ultimate results to your website.


The Importance of SEO Copywriting


Certain people choose to do their own website copywriting.  If you’ve ever tried this, you’ll know it’s much harder than it sounds.  Often, as a result, their websites don’t perform well and potential sales are lost.


SEO copywriting is the base of your website’s optimization process.  If you disregard your website copywriting, your investment in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will be less successful.


As a marketing tool, your website is there to upsurge conversions and make sales.  So SEO copywriting is critical to your website’s success.  Contact Atlanta, USA based Best SEO Company IBIS Technologies’ expert copywriting team today on (770) 272-IBIS and start to capitalize in the future of your website.  Don’t forget you can send your SEO copywriting enquiry too.


What is SEO Copywriting and why do you need it?


The term comes from the word SEO, which means search engine optimization, and copywriting, which is also called as content writing, an art of writing readable text in website. With combination of these two words, we can clearly identify the meaning of SEO copywriting, and that is, writing an optimized content in website. Even if content writing is considered the art of writing readable text, SEO copywriting is not just an art of writing contents, it also includes intelligent planning and structuring.


During SEO Copywriting process important keywords are added into the content and headers are balanced using cross links and strong tags.  Doing this correctly can be hard on others, but not to Atlanta based SEO Company IBIS Technologies, our experienced and talented team members are experts and professionals who are well-informed regarding the ins and outs of SEO copywriting with respect to your particular industry. We have highly trained and experienced SEO copywriters at Atlanta, USA who are ready to help and provide you with the necessary contents needed for your website.


Let’s Move On To The Next Question, Why Do You Need SEO Copywriting?


All of the website owners must need an SEO copywriting program, and believe us when we say that you need a really good SEO copywriter, because only experienced and expert writers can provide the contents that you need to rank your website on Top results of Google. Remember, an excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting program means good contents for your website and good contents mean an effective marketing strategy.


If we say we generate a good content that means that the content has a secure structure and it is consists of good industry targeted keyword densities and highly informative details. Why do you need these?  Well, because these things will help you generate sales. How? With the use of effective targeted keywords phrases which we have incorporated in your SEO copywriting, search engines will make your site more visible which will ultimately increase your rank in client searches.


On the other hand, informative details will help your clients have a better understanding of whatever you are trying to say, given these inquiries done by clients you will be able to generate more sales in no time.


Why avail of the SEO copywriting program offered by Atlanta, USA based IBIS Technologies SEO company?


IBIS Technologies offers diverse SEO services and our experienced and certified team here understands and is prepared to guide you through every step you take towards success of your online marketing presence. Once we design an explanation to your problem and advice you to avail of our SEO copywriting service, we guarantee you that the solution we’ve crafted is the best one that answers your need or problem.


IBIS Technologies’ experienced and talented team of SEO copywriters will certainly give you the very thing that your website lacks. Our highly skilled and committed SEO copywriters, here at Atlanta, USA based IBIS Technologies SEO company, are highly qualified and are equipped to do the necessary corrections that your site needs the most to be rank on top results of various search engines. We are not magicians and we cannot guarantee that results would be available in just a matter of days or weeks, but we promise you that you will progressively feel the positive changes that our SEO copywriting program will do to your website’s visibility and to your revenue, as well.


SEO Copywriter Service for Impactful Copies That Provide Results


  • Professional SEO copywriting service
  • Customer oriented copy and other web content
  • 100% unique, keyword optimized original content
  • Lowest possible prices
  • All content rights transferred to you


Hire a Professional SEO Copywriter from Atlanta, USA based Best SEO Company for Your Website to Increase Your Traffic and Conversions


Without prominence on the web, your website is a lost resource. Raising the exposure of your website through search engines is probably the easiest and the fastest way to get valuable customer leads. Our guaranteed SEO copywriting service is your right partner for success in this goal. We write web copies that not just apprehend the attention of your prospective customers, but also ensure that you appear high up in relevant searches. Atlanta based SEO Company, IBIS Technologies SEO copywriters are experts in application of content search engine optimization (SEO) concepts while guaranteeing that the copy meets its intended purpose.


Website content created by our experienced SEO copywriters is optimized for both search engines and humans. While applying the SEO concepts to web copywriting, we never loose focus of the end goal – conversion. Unlike writers who just stuff the web content with keywords and key phrases unnaturally, we create content that is appealing to your audience and gives you real results.


Who Is Search Engine Friendly Copywriting Important for?


Fairly simple, for everybody who owns or manages a website. Google, with every update of its search algorithm is assigning more and more importance to content – so whether it’s a business website or a content-rich portal, SEO copywriting service is useful for every website owner or manager.


Our wide range of search engine friendly copywriting and content writing services offers webmasters a comprehensive suite of solutions. Whatever be your content requirement, we have you covered. Our SEO Copywriting services include:


  • Website copywriting – search engine optimized web copies, landing pages and more
  • Article writing for marketing or website publishing
  • Blog writing and management service
  • Press releases and other promotional material creation


Writing Solutions for Web Design and SEO Companies


If you are a website developer or a search engine optimization company, offer your clients a complete package inclusive of search engine friendly content writing solutions. We work effortlessly with you as an extension of your team, safeguarding full privacy and support for your clients. You can focus on your core services, while we give you 100% support on all content writing requirements of your customers. What’s more, we can even offer you article submission, blog posting and other related services at affordable rates.


Why Go for Amateurs or Freelancers When You Can Hire Professional Web Copywriters for The Same Price with Atlanta, USA based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company


Your website content can be the key to your business’ growth and profitability – it’s never a good idea to compromise on it. Hire an expert IBIS Technologies SEO copywriter to do justice to your website’s content. Our committed SEO copywriters undergo extensive training and apply the best exercises of both influential sales writing and search optimization. But all this does not mean that you have to shell out a fortune to use our services. Our SEO copywriting services are affordable and completely value for your money. Want to know more – drop us note through our contact form or email us today.


How Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting Work?


Do you need new content written for your website? At IBIS Technologies SEO Copywriting, we write high-quality content that search engines and – most importantly – people love.


What does this mean? Firstly, we understand words. We know how to craft them together and create content that entertains persuades and informs. We can turn interest into action. Turn readers into customers. And connect you with your audience.


However, it doesn't end there! We also engage a technique called search engine optimization (SEO). As a result, your site will rank higher on search engines, entice more visitors and generate more leads. It's a no-brainer - what are you waiting for? Whether you have a new or established site, you can power up your online presence with our SEO copywriting services.


1. Set-Up

In partnership with you, IBIS Technologies will assemble all the information needed for the project and ensure we completely understand the ins and outs of your industry before we start writing for content.


2. Keyword Research

We will determine which keyword phrases your target market searches for to find your services and utilize them strategically to give your content an extra SEO edge.   


3. SEO Copywriting

We’ll yield fantastic content for your website which will be fully search engine optimized and carefully checked by our editors. You can review the results and request edits too.


Ready To Hire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting Service from IBIS Technologies, Atlanta


IBIS Technologies - a Top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency has always been the team of expert Google Certified professional who are specialized in White Hat SEO techniques to deliver your Organic Search Engine Optimization and local SEO Services needs in USA, Canada and India.  Small businesses and Startups can increase their online sales and high lead generating SEO strategies by recognizing the advantages of Google Marketing, Link Building and SEO Copywriting through On-site Optimization Services like Keyword Research, Image Optimization and also check the Google Penalty Updates.


Being the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency in Atlanta, USA, we put all our efforts into generating high website traffic and visits on your website through on-page and off-page SEO  techniques making it a high lead generation online tool. Contact Atlanta based Top SEO Consultants to know more about our small business SEO marketing, Multilingual SEO, Social SEO, Mobile SEO and Local SEO services and how our top internet marketing firm can help you generate more business through complete online marketing activities namely Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Social Media Marketing (SMM)PPC Management and Affiliate Marketing.


If you are looking for Leading local SEO/ E-Commerce SEO Services that helps you to generate Top Results in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing than always trust Atlanta, USA based Best Professional SEO marketing Company that is committed to delivering the 24/7 result oriented online marketing, Give us a call on 770-272-IBIS or Discuss your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing plan with one of our White Hat SEO Consultant.  What’s more, as an Expert Search Engine optimization (SEO) company from Atlanta, USA we know how to grow your business and generate more sales through online marketing and top website ranking in search engine and social media presence. Want to learn more about SEO Ethics, Best SEO Tools, White Hat SEO and Link Building best practices and tips, subscribe to our SEO Blog OR Request a free website SEO Audit and Analysis.


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