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Did you know that the two largest social media sites in the United States are publicly-traded companies? That means that they need to make money to keep their investors happy! As a result, social media advertising regenerates to grow as a marketing channel for companies. With social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, making it more and more difficult for businesses to reach their desired audience organically, it has become crucial to run social ads.


But here’s the good thing! With the right partner to manage your social media advertising strategy, social ads can be extremely effective. You can drive engagement and earn followers without wondering, “is anyone even seeing my posts?” It also has important implications for SEO. Promoting your valuable content to your target audience using social ads has been shown to increase backlinks to your website which, in turn, improves your organic search rank for relevant keywords.


Our social media advertising services is the fastest way to generate results on social media. We associate your products or services to thousands of people who may be interested in it. The benefits of using our social media advertising services consist of increased website traffic, lead generation, and influenced sales. Our agency uses advanced social advertising technology, strategies, and tools that generate extremely low cost acquisition, clicks, and conversions on your website.


How We Help Your Business with Social Media Advertising


We do three things to help your business with social media advertising:


1. Creating Engaging Social Media Advertisements That Work


Our company designs visual social media advertisements that are statistically proven to apprehend attention. From creating advertising copy to adding the most effective colors to images, our advertising experts will use best practices that are guaranteed to work. The social media advertising services we provide drive sales and awareness.


2. Laser-Targeting A Specific, Relevant Audience:


We strongly believe that if you have a great product, we can connect your business to people who may be willing to buy it. By using advanced functions of social media sites and leveraging proprietary technology, our team can laser-target people who are likely to execute. This includes email and website retargeting, which is essentially advertising directly to the people who visit your website.


3. Analyzing Data, A/B Testing, And Optimizing Ads


Our team takes the budgets of our clients very sincerely. We do not guess or take chances with our social media advertising service. We rely and make decisions based on the performance data of your campaigns. Often times, we will A/B test our social media advertisements to modify images or test new copy to see what your audience responds best to. By sticking to the numbers and testing advertisements, we ensure our clients that we make the wise decisions with their budget.


We use data-rich social media websites to advertise your business on. Some of our most successful advertising campaigns has been on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These platforms contain millions of users available to almost any industry.


Ready to Hire Social Media Advertising Service from IBIS Technologies, Atlanta


IBIS Technologies - a Top Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) Company has always been the team of committed online marketing experts who are specialized in delivering your Social Media Monitoring and Management Services needs in USA, Canada and India.  Small businesses and Startups can increase their lead generation and online reputation by recognizing the benefits of successful social media advertising and campaigns through Social media ads and PPC.


Being the Best Social Media Management Agencies in Atlanta, USA, we put all our efforts into creating your Social Media Marketing Plan and Strategies that increases your social presence with increased likes and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.  Contact Atlanta based Top Social Media Consultants to know more about our small business social network marketing services and how our top social media marketers can help you generate more business through complete online marketing activities namely search engine optimization (SEO)Social Media Marketing (SMM)Search Engine Marketing (PPC management) and Affiliate Marketing.


If you are looking for Best Social Media Managers, trust Atlanta based Best Professional SMO and SMM Company that is committed to delivering the 24/7 result oriented online marketing, Give us a call on 770-272-IBIS or Discuss your Social Media Strategy with us. What’s more, as an Expert Social Media Optimization company from Atlanta, USA we know how to grow your business and generate more sales through top social network marketing and blogging. Want to learn more about best Social Media management tools, social networking sites, social media bookmarking best practices and expert tips, subscribe to our blog. You can also check out more about our Social Media Packages here.


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