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It's important that your site works flawlessly on all devices.


Responsive website design and development ensures that your site works perfectly on all devices. Mobile usage has recently exceeded desktop usage, so if your site doesn't work well on mobile phones you're missing out on more than half of your prospective customers.


Atlanta, USA based Best Web Development Company; IBIS Technologies’ all websites keep mobile in mind from the start, and we always use the latest technologies to guarantee that your website looks great on mobile, desktop and tablets. Our Mobile Web Development Service allows us to create amazing looking websites that load lightning fast across all devices, even mobile devices with limited internet speeds.


Device sizes are always changing, but luckily with a responsive mobile website you don't have to play catch-up. IBIS Technologies Mobile websites make sure you're prepared for the future of the web!


Why do I Need a Mobile-Friendly Website?


Creating a website that works well both on mobile devices (of varying screen resolutions) and desktop computers does acquire additional costs, but the cost of lost prospect far compensates that of the cost of cooperative mobile devices - especially considering the rapid growth of mobile adoption in the coming years.


Mobile Visitors Are Task-Focused


Most of the time when a client visits your mobile website, they are not there to examine all of your products or services. They are on your mobile website for a specific purpose such as comparing your price to a competitor’s, looking for your address or phone number, or checking your brand’s uniformity across online and offline channels from one of your physical locations. Providing the information, they’re looking for with intuitive navigation and a fast loading mobile website is the first step towards building a business relationship.


Mobile Users Are More Likely to Convert


Users are looking to your mobile website or app as either a corresponding feature or main pathway towards making a conversion. If you can successfully offer your products or services and establish a brand identity via mobile, your potential customers are more likely to make a purchase. Even if most of your actual conversions are not from mobile commerce, your mobile channels can provide a modernized and more memorable buyer journey for your customers.


The Importance of Mobile Marketing


70% of users will access a mobile website or app to find out more information about a purchase, and nearly 50% of them will do that while they are in-store shopping. A problematic mobile marketing experience leaves the door open for your competitors, which could lead to you losing prospective customers who are already browsing your products in one of your stores.


Differentiate Your Business


Users who are looking to make a purchase expect mobile pages to load in less than 3 seconds. However, 85% of full-site mobile pages take 4.8 seconds or longer. By making your brand more than just a nice looking mobile website, but also one that loads quickly on checkout pages, your users will remember and utilize your mobile website often, which will increase your overall e-commerce sales.


Can I make my website mobile-friendly or do I need a separate website?


Often, the question comes up about whether you should have two or three different websites

(one for each type of device: mobile, tablet, and desktop).


We recommend that you have only one website that can adapt to all three.  You have three primary options when considering how to go about building a mobile website:


Responsive Website Design Service


This is where your website adjusts to any given screen resolution. The website can familiarize to tablet screen resolutions as well as mobile. This preference requires more upfront planning than a typical website would since website content elements must be considered and given priority as screen sizes shrink. Responsive design websites are recommended by Google as the best for search engine optimization.


Separate style sheets


This is where you have one URL, but where (CSS) style sheets are modified depending on the device type that is accessing your website. This means using the same html code, but switching the style sheet that is used. It requires slightly less planning time than responsive websites.


Separate websites


This is where you have a mobile website that is found at, for example,, and a desktop website found at

The website redirects users to the correct URL based on what device they are on.


Ready to work with IBIS Technologies for Website Development Service


IBIS Technologies has always been the company to go to for all lead generating web development projects and we have even demonstrated it up a grade by recognizing the significance of a lead generating web development service and putting all our efforts into creating the best website development for your company. You can always contact us to know more about lead generating web development service and how we can help your business have a huge web success.


If you are looking for an Atlanta, USA based Best Professional Lead Generating Web Development Company that is committed to delivering the best lead generation website with professional web development for your business. Give us a call on 770-272-IBIS or Request Web Development Quote.  What’s more, as an Expert Lead Generating Web Development Agency from Atlanta, USA we know how to build and optimize supercharged lead generation website development with maximum potential for top rankings.  Want to learn more about web development techniques and tips than subscribe to our blog.

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