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Looking for Experience Team of E-Commerce SEO in Atlanta USA?


At IBIS Technologies, we specialize in E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and converting a website’s bottom line. Our SEO actions are aimed at improving the visibility, traffic and user experience of your online store through on-site optimization, content creation, and inbound linking. Our 4+ years of experience in E-commerce SEO across many industries like apparel, jewelry and retail has helped us understand the consumer’s journey through the purchase cycle as well as the many fine distinctions of e-commerce platforms.


Our results are quantifiable, visible, and sustainable. We help businesses of all sizes achieve top search engine rankings, generate more traffic on website, improve conversion rates, and grow revenue. We take pleasure and accountability in our SEO services.


Our Ecommerce SEO Process:


Step: 1 – Finding, Analysis and Audit


The first step in our Ecommerce SEO process is the finding phase. Our experienced and highly skilled SEO Expert meet with you to discuss your industry, products, customers, competition, website, and platform. We leave no stone unturned. Our initial goal is to recognize your business, industry, and KPIs. Once we have an understanding on your business’s needs, we complete a comprehensive analysis of your industry, website, and competitors. This business analysis helps us better understand your Ecommerce SEO opportunities.


We’ll then audit your website from both a technical SEO and a customer-experience perspective. From a technical perspective our goal is to ensure that your web pages and content is being properly crawled and understood by the search engine spiders. Our customer experience audit puts us in the position of one of your customers; we make sure that it’s easy for a customer to find what they’re looking for. This portion of the SEO audit includes making sure you’re targeting the priority keywords, have created an easy to use navigation, and have provided the customer with enough information to feel confident completing the sales process.


Step: 2 – Implementation


After completing your SEO audit in first step next step we’ll discuss our discoveries with your team. From there we’ll work with you to highlight next steps to be sent to development. We’ll work closely with your ecommerce website developer to ensure that any changes are made in the most search-friendly way possible. We then create engaging, viral content to share in your industry and with your thought leaders to further improve your business and domain authority.


Step: 3 – Consulting and Evaluation


Once we’ve optimized the ecommerce website for SEO best practices and have improved domain authority, your organic traffic, rankings, and sales will improve. We’ll continue analyzing and monitoring the successes of your SEO campaign in tandem with creating new goals and initiatives. Our ongoing SEO plan will facilitate the continued success of your website.


On Page Optimization


Below are the main items we look for in on-page optimization stage. We use data and top of the line SEO tools to optimize your website for best SEO practices.


Keyword Research


We categorize the highest converting and sought after keywords to optimize your webpages for.


Header Optimization


We take the keyword research and optimize your header tags for each page.


URL Optimization


Using keywords in your URL can be helpful and detrimental in addition to using the right site structure.


Meta Optimization


We optimize your meta information based on the keyword research identified.


Body Content Optimization


With Panda updates it is important to make sure you are under-optimized and do not over-optimize your body content.


Writing Errors


Google rewards high quality content. We make sure errors are not holding your site back.


Content Creation & Promotion


Content is king but content is not the only thing you need. We research the best content in your industry, create better and unique content for your website, and then promote it. Below are our content creation and promotion strategies.


Reverse Engineering


At the launch to give a quick boost for the promotion we look at your competitors and ­find out through various tools where they have received their most powerful backlinks. We then recreate them with new content and get published in their most powerful places.


Editorial Content


We create fun shareable content and share this with your industry thought leaders and influencers such as bloggers, journalists, magazines, etc. This is more along the lines of public relations but for SEO benefit.


Power Pages


A power page is a gigantic piece of content that industry thought leaders and users will fi­nd useful and helpful. No expense is argued. We design it and then mark it up in HTML for a full “WOW” factor. We then take this and get backlinks through reaching out.


Social Media Marketing


This is not for every industry, but we influence social media platforms to acquire shares, likes, and click through that will boost the domain authority and trust with Google.


Ready to Hire Ecommerce SEO Service from IBIS Technologies, Atlanta


IBIS Technologies has always been the company to go to for all ecommerce website seo projects in Atlanta, USA, Canada and India. Small businesses and startups can increase their lead generation and online reputation by recognizing the importance of an ecommerce website search engine optimization (SEO). We put all our efforts into optimizing and promoting the best performing result oriented and high lead generating ecommerce website for your startup. Contact Atlanta based Top Ecommerce Website SEO Consultants to know more about our ecommerce website search engine optimization and search engine marketing services for small businesses and how we can help your business lead generation through your ecommerce website complete online marketing activities namely search engine optimization (SEO)Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (PPC).


If you are looking for an Atlanta, USA based Best Professional Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company that is committed to delivering the 24/7 best ecommerce website seo and ecommerce website marketing, Give us a call on 770-272-IBIS or Request Your Quote. At IBIS Technologies LLC you are assigned your own project manager and E-Commerce development team located near Atlanta, GA, but able to work with businesses anywhere. We actually build your ecommerce website and offer you expert E-Commerce advice to help you succeed. What’s more, as an Expert E-Commerce Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency from Atlanta, USA we know how to build and optimize custom built ecommerce website designing and developing with maximum potential for top rankings in search engines. Want to learn more about ecommerce website SEO and ecommerce marketing techniques and tips than subscribe to our blog.


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